Grafton Music is looking for musicians

F/M, veteran/rookie, everything in between

for a ‘Bombastic Fantastic’ tour

GRAFTON Music is drafting a new album with a groovy rock base,  poppy melodies, and a retro-symphonic-progressive touch, actually without paying much attention to style boundaries: bombastic fantastic!

For the 2019 festival season (notably the ‘Popronde’) we are looking for skilled musicians to join the band for a tour & finishing off the album.

Listen to the draft on bandcamp to get an impression of what we’re up to. If you like it & if you’re sure you can upgrade Grafton Music & feel comfortable with a highly efficient way of working, send an email (find it on bandcamp).

We are especially looking for guitarists, a bass player and a keyboards/electronics-wizard, preferably also able to do backing vocals. We would love to add more vocals (backing/lead), percussion, wood, and brass to the team if you are in for that (or a multi-instrumentalist). Mind you, it’s gonna be Bombastic Fantastic!

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